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May 31, 2013

Home is now available!

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The long-awaited Sklut and Weston EP Release ‘Home’ is now available for purchase.
You can get your copy by clicking here or by visiting iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, or ReverbNation.
Home Cover Art Final



March 13, 2013

Memories (Sklut and Weston)

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“Memories” is a song written by Tommy Sklut and myself around a year-and-a-half ago. It’s due to be released on our upcoming EP, “Home”, this May. (For more information about Sklut and Weston, visit our Facebook Page or our Reverbnation Page.

Tommy and I will be performing our entire EP, “Home” and more at the Tonic Room on March 23 with Dead Soldiers. For tickets and more information, go to TicketFly #americana.




February 20, 2013

“Someday” Song Sketch

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To listen, see “Someday” under the “Songs” section of my website (scroll up).

Lately I have been struggling to find a comfortable routine for writing, practicing, teaching and performing. If you subscribe to my email newsletter (which you can on Reverbnation by clicking the “Subscribe” button under “Quick Actions”) you will know that I have recently started a local teaching company called the Sklut and Weston School of Music (website currently under construction) and one of my groups Sklut and Weston (website also under construction, but check us out on our Sklut and Weston) is gearing up to release our debut E.P. This is on top of other part-time work and gigs. It’s exhausting. However, I’ve been managing to find some sort of focus and discipline – setting time aside to work solely on craft and improving my skills as a writer and player. “Someday” is a product of that focus.

I don’t know if it is because of the time and energy constraints I have been under lately (my life feels somewhat like a fragmented computer – If I total all of the small spaces of time I have between other things, I can find time for writing, but I never have one large block of free time in which to focus), or if it is that my tastes are changing (or both), but I have noticed a tendency in myself to write and appreciate very simple, open songs with few (but good) ideas and relatively small amounts of content. “Someday” is also a product of this tendency.

About six weeks ago I had the amazing opportunity to perform in MER’s Music Showcase at Schubas in Chicago. I performed alongside such fantastic songwriters and performers as Marty Casey (the Lovehammers), Miles Nielsen (of Miles Nielsen & the Rusted Hearts), Alex V, and, of course, MER. One striking thing I noticed (beside the fact that I think I was the youngest of the group) was that all of their songs were so simple, and so amazing. It wasn’t that simplicity detracted from having a unique style, or having a strong message, or a powerful performance – it added to it. My songs were not, for the most part, simple. They were complex and packed with all sorts of ideas and information. I’m not saying one was better than the other, but I liked “the other” and I wanted to try it on for size. “Someday” is a product of that, as well.

I hear a few things in this – things that are obvious inspirations for me. I hear, specifically the song Julia. I also hear a bit of The Shins. I hear early Paul Simon (Simon and Garfunkel) – but only once my dad pointed it out to me. That’s where I am coming from with this, anyway.

It’s a simple love song. A few lyrics I would change are (in the third verse) “traces fade away after awhile” I will end up changing to “traces blow away after awhile” in the next draft. I might also change the final lines from “Someday you’ll find you are on my mind” to “Someday you’ll find you were on my mind”. I’m not sure if the obvious sentimentality of this enhances or detracts from the overall theme. I’ll sleep on that one for now.

Enjoy. Share. Spread the Good Word. Tell Your Friends.

Thanks for listening,




July 30, 2012

John Charles

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I am excited to introduce you to my new webpage. On this site you will find information about current musical projects that I am involved in, collaborations with other musicians that I am working with, demos and full-blown recordings of songs I have written, performed on, or have been involved with creating, and contact information for music lessons.

I have no specific agenda with this site other than to provide a fun, creative outlet for sharing and exposing my daily work and ideas, and receiving feedback and comments. I hope you find it as fun and exciting as I do.