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January 30, 2013

Fuller’s Pub – Friday, Feb. 1

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Hello Loyal Family, Friends and Fans,

I’ll be kicking off the month of February by performing at Fuller’s Pub (3203 W. Irving Park Rd, Chicago) this Friday from 9:30pm – 1am. I have over a full set’s worth of new originals and covers that I am very excited to share, and, since I’ve never performed at Fuller’s before, I am excited to see what this place is all about.

I want to give a special thanks to my friend Annie Wagner for setting this up. I am very much looking forward to seeing you on Friday.

Tell your friends! Come help me make it a night to remember (or not)!

See you there.


John Charles Weston


December 19, 2012

Back to Back shows Dec 21st and 22nd

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Come out this weekend! I’m performing Friday in Libertyville @ Mickey Finn’s Brewery w/The Buzzkills and Saturday in the Lakeview area @ The Blue Bayou w/ Sklut & Weston
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Formed in early 2007 in Bloomington, Indiana, the Buzzkills barely resemble their first incarnation as an unheard of hard rock side project. Today The Buzzkills are fast becoming a staple of the mid-west music scene. With a wide array of influences from jazz to metalcore, the group manages to blend the sound of the great classics with modern rock and progressive music.

“There’s definitely an interesting mix of influences within the group”, according to drummer Matt Schory, ” the common factor is that we all sort of started in the same place; with bands like the Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd. Our music comes from that base and then we inject of our own personal musical tastes.”
Buzzkills 2
The core of the Buzzkills’ sound comes from the writing of John Weston and Kyle Gilpin. When asked about the bands writing process Weston explains, “Every song is a bit different. Sometimes Kyle or I will have a nearly finished song and everyone will add their own personal touch. More and more a song will start out as a basic idea like a melody or an idea for a cool chorus and everyone will just throw around stuff from there.”
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July 31, 2012

Band From the 1960s

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Last night a friend of mine, and expecting father, said that parents should just “tell their kids to go listen to The Beatles”. More or less, that’s what mine did. I remember sitting in the dark, listening to John Lennon’s tight, electric, drug-fueled harmonies cutting through a microphone, tape, and, decades later, the plastic playground of my cutting-edge 3-disk CD player – and it was better than drugs ever could be. I remember the first time I really listened to The Beatles and how intoxicating it was. They reminded me that it was okay for music to be exciting, or edgy, or quirky, or smart, or depressing, or frantic, or creepy, or gorgeous, or just plain weird. Or anything. Or all of them at once.

Like an addict, I couldn’t quit it. There was always more, and it was always new. It dove to depths and reached heights that I, myself, could not have conceived existed. And, at the same time, it was always strangely familiar. I learned every bit of it – it was always so wonderfully constructed that learning it seemed effortless -, and, at the same time, I was (and still am) always surprised and impressed that it was never obvious. Almost none of the ideas seemed to be recycled (I’ve since learned that many were), or forced; it never seemed insincere.

Now, for one reason or another (for many reasons, really), I feel like a lot of music is insincere, forced, and lazily recycled. It’s upsetting.

This is my ode to the sound of the 1960s (The Beatles, in particular) and the never-lonely nights sitting in the dark, listening…



July 30, 2012

John Charles

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I am excited to introduce you to my new webpage. On this site you will find information about current musical projects that I am involved in, collaborations with other musicians that I am working with, demos and full-blown recordings of songs I have written, performed on, or have been involved with creating, and contact information for music lessons.

I have no specific agenda with this site other than to provide a fun, creative outlet for sharing and exposing my daily work and ideas, and receiving feedback and comments. I hope you find it as fun and exciting as I do.